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India has two rooftop photovoltaic power stations totaling 26 megawatts

Belectric is further increasing its footprint in India's solar industry by completing two PV rooftop projects. With a combined capacity of 26MW, these solar power plants were developed by Cleantech Solar. On behalf of Cleantech Solar, Belectric took control of the construction and commissioning of the projects. The 16MW system for Arvind Limited started full commercial operation in December 2018 while the other 10MW system, installed at Apollo Tyres' facility in Chennai, commenced operation this month. Both projects were constructed within six months while maintaining the highest Health, Safety & Environment standards. The trade magazine EQ INTERNATIONAL acknowledged Belectric's performance in India with the Gold Award "Rooftop EPC Company of the year."

"We are particularly proud to have completed these large-scale projects not only on time and quality but also in accordance with our high European health and safety standards," explains Ingo Alphéus, CEO of Belectric Solar & Battery GmbH. "This underpins our strong position in the Indian EPC market, which is not only one of the largest and fastest growing solar markets but also one of the most challenging."

"We are delighted that these industry leaders have once again chosen Cleantech Solar as their trusted long-term partner. We are pleased to collaborate with Belectric, which has a proven track record in rooftop solar deployment and shares our values of delivering high performing systems with high HSE & Quality standards. We look forward to working with Belectric again for future projects," said Raju Shukla, Chairman and Founder of Cleantech Solar.

Jitendra Singh, CEO & Managing Director of Belectric Photovoltaic India Pvt. Ltd, adds: "Beside these two projects, we are building a ground-mounted solar farm with a total capacity of 250 MWAC. This solar plant in Karnataka is going to be the largest capacity installation we have ever done in India. Construction works are well underway and we anticipate full commercial operation in 2019. With this and further projects we are making great progress towards achieving our target of one gigawatt of project allocations in India by the end of this year."


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