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Australia's 333 megawatt photovoltaic power station

Array Technologies has been commissioned to supply its DuraTrack HZ v3 as the tracker of choice for the 333MW Darlington Point Solar Farm, 50 km south of Griffith, New South Wales. This project, a joint venture between Edify Energy and Octopus Investments, will provide clean power to over 115,000 Australian homes annually. The site is expected to begin commercial operations in early 2020.

"We are proud to support Australia's ambitious effort to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels as well as partner with Edify Energy and Signal Energy on completing one of the largest solar power plants in the country," says Jeff Krantz, executive vice president of global sales of Array Technologies. "Massive projects, such as this one, require the lowest levelized cost of energy from their tracking technology in order to stack up economically and we are pleased to offer the best solution."

"We have chosen Array Technologies to supply solar trackers to the Darlington Point Solar Farm because Array delivers an innovative, robust tracking solution that through engineered simplicity, reduces long-term maintenance to deliver the lowest levelized cost of energy for our projects," said John Cole, chief executive of Edify Energy.

Constructing the project over the next year is Signal Energy Australia. "We are pleased to work with Array Technologies," said Robbin Russell, general manager of Signal Energy. "Array has been the tracking system partner on more than one gigawatt of solar projects built by Signal Energy over the past ten years."


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