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Nepal 8 mw photovoltaic power station

8MW solar park in Nepal is to contribute to a stable electricity supply and will benefit a school through a lease agreement.

The Nepalese government has taken up the cause of expanding grid-connected solar PV projects. The goal is a better electricity supply, from which the country's economic development should benefit. As part of this initiative, a solar park with an output of 8MW is planned for the city of Bhrikuti Municipality and neighboring villages in the south-western lowlands.

The inverter technology that feeds the solar power into the grid comes from KACO new energy GmbH. First Solar Developers Nepal has ordered the CPSS system solution.

"The chosen inverter is the blueplanet 125 TL3, in which we use innovative silicon carbide semiconductors. The thermal properties of the material have clear advantages. Fewer components allow a compact, resistant device and higher switching frequencies ensure high performance with a previously unattained degree of efficiency," says Ronak Shah, Technical Sales Manager at KACO new energy.

"KACO new energy supported us in all technical issues, such as performing various simulations, selecting the cables, designing the earthing system and finding the appropriate PV monitoring system," says Raj Kumar Thapa, Managing Director of Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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