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Vietnam's 19-megawatt photovoltaic project

FTC Solar has been selected as the supplier for single-axis trackers for Thiên Tân Group's 19 MWdc Mo Duc Solar project in Vietnam. The project has started construction and will supply 28 million kw per hour for the national power grid.

FTC Solar has provided a full suite of engineering services for the project, including development engineering, detailed project design and, most recently, being selected as the single-axis tracker supplier for the project. "We have been working with FTC Solar from the beginning of this project, and their capability to support our Duc Minh project from development through construction has been an important element of our success, Thiên Tân and FTC Solar will become strategic partners in the renewable field in Vietnam and globally," said Mr. Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Thiên Tân Group.

"We are honored to be selected by Thiên Tân Group to supply 19 megawatts of our solar tracker and are excited to enter growing PV market in Vietnam. We expect our engineering and supply partnership with Thiên Tân Group to lead to further mutual success in the region." said Tony Etnyre, VP of Operations at FTC Solar.


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