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100 mw pv project in Spain

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association will more than double its emissions-free renewable energy from the sun through a new project announced today with Boulder, Colorado-based Juwi Inc.

The 100MW Spanish Peaks Solar Project is Tri-State's second utility-scale solar energy project with Juwi. The project is adjacent to the 30MW San Isabel Solar Project in Las Animas County, Colorado. Tri-State will purchase the entire output of the project over the 15-year term of Tri-State's power purchase contract. The 660-acre project includes more than 300,000 photovoltaic solar panels on single axis tracking arrays to follow the sun throughout the day and serves the energy needs of 28,000 rural homes.

"Tri-State secures renewable energy with the highest value at the lowest cost for our member cooperatives, and this is our largest, most cost-effective solar project to date," said Mike McInnes, Tri-State's chief executive officer. "By developing renewable projects through Tri-State, our members take advantage of an economy of scale unavailable in smaller projects."

"We're pleased to once again collaborate with Juwi on a project that benefits all of our members and further diversifies our power supply," said McInnes.

"Juwi is proud to support the economically-savvy and environmentally-sound vision of Tri-State and will continue working with Tri-State and the people of Las Animas County to ensure the Spanish Peaks Solar Project delivers reliable solar energy for many years to come," said Michael Martin, Juwi's chief executive officer. "As a Colorado company, our team is particularly excited to develop, build and operate a power plant of this magnitude within our home state."

The Spanish Peaks Solar Project is located approximately 20 miles north of Trinidad, Colorado, within the service territory of San Isabel Electric Association.

"This project is just another significant step forward into the future not only for San Isabel Electric's members but for electric co-ops across Colorado and the west," San Isabel Electric (link is external) Chief Executive Officer Reg Rudolph said. 

Construction of the Spanish Peaks Solar Project is expected to begin in 2022, supporting 150 jobs during the peak construction period. The project is anticipated to be completed in 2023.


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